jade beginnings and endings are only points of debarkation. the voyage is everything in between. 980904
coldtea I left him with his face glowing in the television blues and reds
I ran off with the united sufferers off headwounds
We made animals out of the spots of sky and picked the soured dandelions
until the fireflies came out
so I gathered my shampoo parting gifts and returned home.

Iremos juntos separados,
as palavras mordidas uma a uma,
taciturnas, cintilantes
- ó meu amor, constelação de bruma,
ombro dos meus braços hesitantes.
Esquecidos, lembrados, repetidos,
na boca dos amantes que se beijam
no alto dos navios;
desfeitos ambos, ambos inteiros,
no rasto dos peixes luminosos,
afogados na voz dos marinheiros.

We shall go together separate,
the words bitten one by one,
taciturn, sparkling
- o my love, constellation of mist,
shoulder of my hesitant arms.
Forgotten, remembered, repeated,
in the mouth of the lovers who kiss
at the top of the ships;
tattered both, both whole,
in the trail of the luminous fish,
drowned in the sailor's voice.

{Eugénio de Andrade}
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