um. . 010716
nocturnal at work goddamn is that ever a great play. I wish I could see it again. the movie's a bit much, though. 010717
lindsay king of all fools 010820
dunstan tommygun. 021125
IKC 56-80 from SoHo down to brighton... 021125
Christine Depths not unlike my own
Always searching
Seeking out unfathomable
aspects which elude most
Constantly complicating your
already agitated mind
Perpetually transforming
Unable to embrace one thing constant
Can an evolving being be sustained
by anothers devotion?
andru235 if so, it would certainly put
the 'O MY' back in 'TOMMY'

resist, i could not
andru235 btw I think another being can be thus sustained, provided an openness thereto 050307
Christine Thanx 050307
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