ST phil's infamous attempt to move all of the blathes in the "yesterday" column into the "today" column by posting in every blathe in the yesterday column with only the word "today".

Also see: phil (there are some comments and reaction to the experiment)

Also see: today (there is a complete list of blathes that were used in the experiment)

z did it work? 080605
meta meta 080605
u24 funny, I wondered about this possibility just yesterday. I never knew that was what phil was doing. I thought it was similar to randomly_recent 080605
Strideo I didn't see the results of the experiment myself.

according to jane and "a ghost of my former self" the yesterday field gets filled with blathes from the previous day.

See: the_'the'_man_incident

u24 wow, that's interesting. 080605
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