andru235 i guess i'm a simpleton. after decades of doing so, i still get a strange thrill from [how to describe it?] getting a good swing on, then leaning back on the swing such that i am upside down, facing backwards, and as the swing reverses, for a moment one is falling headfirst towards the ground.

not that i've tried for quite a while. note to self: do swing thing.
neesh ah, the_simple_pleasures_in_life...

i do love swings so
pete creeking under the strain, back and forth, back and forth, eyes kept open by sugar and caffiene, back and forth, back and forth, preoccupation, her eyes, the slow wake up, back and forth, back and forth. one essay to go, and then my weekend is complete. 051029
blather spell check "creaking" 051029
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