globalfruitbat You step off the plane onto what has to be the world's most ludditic landing strip--the plane has managed to land in a swamp.
There is moss hanging from every avaliable surface and the requisite mist is curling into any possible crevice (inlcuding *achooooooo!!!!* your nose!)

You can see a large white house through a gap in the moss and the sounds of croquet drifts over the bullfrog choir.

Behind you are caves that seem to call to you of underground delights--caverns and pools surely filled with strange greedy possesive creatures.

Do you
go inside the: clapboardhouse ?
or head to the : strange_and_mysterious_caves ?
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Go Clapboardhouse
Twist9 in the quiet places there is a time and place for life, so he walks into the darkness and_he_lives 060502
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