nonsensical light rain falling, clear skies, like blank white walls. 040430
blather spell check serene 040501
nonsensical it really is a word. 040501
blather spell check my apologies. Very pretty. 040502
blister Excerpt from "serein, the musical"

oh, serein
what does it mean?
is it a new kind of laughter
or a light shade of green?
its meaning in fullest
is so very unclear
what am i even doing here?


oh, serein
what do you mean?
please, please
a simple answer's all we need!

oh, serein
we'll never know
if you're glittering madness
or shadows on snow
o could it be even
serene all over-misused?
its making me quite confused!


serein, serein
what do you mean?
tell me...


now if that doesnt have the making of a great show, i dont know what does.
what's it to you?
who go