Kristopher T-BIRD:
I know you. I know you, I knew I knew you .. I knew I knew you. [Almost sobbing] But you ain't you ... you can't be you. We put you through the window. There ain't no comin' back. This is the really real world, there ain't no comin' back. We killed you dead--there ain't no comin' back. [Eric begins taping his head to seat, he gets desperate Quick cut to Skank, stumbling after them.] There ain't no comin' back ... there ain't no comin' back. [Eric rigs steering and accelerator, then triggers grenade] "Abashed the devil stood ..." [Now he's terrified] "and felt how awful goodness is ... felt how awful ... goodness ..."

I use this phrase all the time, describing this world apart from the cyberworld. . .
screwing for virginity reminds me of the kids from beond the thunderdome. 030101
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