gavin all alone out there 031218
kallisti prettiest 031218
michael pretty or prettier if you wanna to say it like that; MAN.
but away I dunno wat the hell are u people "BE talking about crap" BUT ITS cool though. I can understand your view of it. now I know this is taking very long just to simplefy one eazy question. If you don't already know; you guess it, I'm shrooming. srry for my w/e I wrote but like I say MAN. its like cool man. hahhahah lol. me = good shroom. blah blah I'm gonna move on..
michael FUCK, what the fuck did I just wrote. lol
yes, you all lone out there, blah blah but you can take life that way; don't ask me?. shit. damn it.
okay what am I doing now??
"prettier" IS A word that decribe a person or its a image that we are attrive 2. okay I think I'm gonna move on.
what's it to you?
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