rude noises I just looked up this word and it wasn't there so here it is now! Ha ha ha ha. 060126
Bbbbllllppppphhhhhht! there are places where it is polite, or even complimentary, to fart. sometimes it is even considered a flattery to fart AT someone. 060126
Something Stinks
Oh Its You
In the west, we are more sophisticated than that, and because we are civil we would prefer you hold it and risk painful indigestion as can often result from suppressing the aero-purgative mechanism. 060126
Darn It! Ulence was hilly prior to being terraformed to make room for a suburb. 060127
poop In some countries a fart is considered a compliment to show you enjoyed your meal 060127
oren http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2006-01-19/savage.php 060127
I feel better now An average adult produces about half a liter of flatulent gas per day, resulting in an average of about fourteen occurrences of flatulence a day. 060314
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