ass facely when it's time for x-mas cheer,
i draw my favorite grandma near.

down with her bloomers and up with her rear.

i tell her to spread her x-mas cheer.

pumpin' eggnog into granny's rear.
GrandmaThyartshallshant Be sure to work it alllll the way in there! 010107
god i've done it before 010223
Dafremen Then treat yer guests to eggnog served warm and tasty from your granny shaped thermos... 010224
why is grandma so hot? oh hell yeah 010428
lost what have we all turned into? 010430
nocturnal fun luvin psychopaths. life is good. let your insanity run free over this wild blue yonder. 010430
god oh hell yeah 010430
ass facely hig that pilth til the llama bacon is cured 030622
Dafremen "Fornipalpitation mix the freex claims inver."

- George W. Bush
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