OTK you see, Kay, that's the way it's going to be from now on. 990509
allie i have never heard this word in my life...does it mean uncultured teenaged southern girl? 990601
Ruby as in: "eff the po-lice." 990603
emma right, as in "get your effing ess out of my effing house NOW." 991106
Gigo Loma "whoa, that cop's driving a suburban."
"effing eh, its the big po-po"
"'effing eh' is effing right, i'd drive a suburban if i was an effing cop, you effing ef-nut, wouldn't you?"
"what ever happened to the effing caprices?"
"how the eff should i know, you everloving, effin' effer!"
Allie The spark was made for me..
A pirate I may be
But EFF you use it
you better not abuse it
cus then you'd have to pay the spark a feeeee! a fee
thespark.com theme song
ghostbogger eff you don't leave me the hell alone i might just eff you up. 031227
dvdv dvzdv 070608
what's it to you?
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