Mahayana :open up:
and let the spirits pass through

fairyhills || Halloween || sidh
seventeen this was an intensely intriguing title for the blathe,

movies try to create it, portray it, pretend it.

I try not to be fascinated.
sabbie and silence
all day
means i feel like i have slipped
down the crack between the worlds

slipped down
and away

and in an office somewhere
under a hot sun
chained to a big desk
will be the shed and empty skin
of a missing sab
pd laughin somethin fierce i kin' see yer butt... 031112
one crack & two cheeks damn....i thought someone had taken the sun out of there.... 031112
gripe mean hmmmm mebbe not 031112
anomalous in dreams 050511
what's it to you?
who go