phil it's an asteroid. most asteroids are really tiny. It must be worth a quadrillion bucks. 030202
. Ceres rules Virgo. 071204
Post Script Ceres is not tiny. You could walk its surface for one hundred years and not see it all. 071204
Cererean The total surface area of Ceres is approximately the same as the nation of Colombia, -or- the nation of South Africa, or Ethiopia, or Bolivia, Mali, Angola, Niger, Chad, or Peru.

By my calculations one could walk its surface in a single life; assuming one can see 5 miles in either direction, and walks at 2.5 mph for 12 hours per day, it would take about 10 years to cover it all. But, given its curvature, can one see 5 miles in either direction? This I do not know.
u24 30 miles a day for how many years? Carrying how much kit? 071211
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