The (Sleeping) Schleiffen Man it is now 9:06 central daylight time and i am going to bed.... hopefully i'll stay there for i am tired after my day of work.... but if all goes as per usual, i shall rise around 11 to find my blather community alive and awake... and maybe i'll find an e-mail from a certain you know who in my mailbox.... one never knows.... ahh to be concious.... 000628
The (Not Sleeping) Schleiffen Man it is now 10:06 and i can't sleep.... film at 11 000628
The Scheliffen Man once again i creep to my bed... it's 11:47, do you know where your schleiffen man is? i don't 000628
User24 passed about 2 hours ago.

The sleeptrain will be arriving shortly.
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