werewolf i guess i do have a zeitgeist
he said half sarcastically,

supressing a discomfort
that was almost tears
when he tried to tell her
what it was like to love
her, by arguing about god
and whether god exists
and what type of god
this god that exists or doesn't is,
and he failed

he was tired from the fairly technical
work he did every day.

he took a sip of coke.

he looked around for a jukebox,

he wanted music.
z carried (as a virus) in the wind of culture 050419
jane personal_zeitgeist 050419
z http://www.daypop.com/newsburst/ 051206
epitome of incomprehensibility ...is currently the coolest word ever.
It means, roughly, the "spirit of the times". Ideas and ideals of culture. The whole conflagration conglommerated.
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