sab to survive what you have to 050707
misstree even if it makes you bleed
just keep doing what you gotta
because really
not doing what you gotta
is much, much worse.
sab other_peoples_words.

thats fucking perfect, misstree...
thank you.
nomme) live how you live
love who you love
laced what you do to stay alive isn't always who you are 071015
Lemon_Soda what you do is who you are...if yo udid was you. 071015
. i agree with laced. coercion happens. "actions speak louder than words" is a platitude of simpletons. 071015
laced some people have no choice but to do the things they do

some don't know why they do the things to do

some think that God told them to do it

some think they are God
what's it to you?
who go