No Bod - E a cold dirty pill is supposed to supplant the things that nature has already in store for me? I don't think so. I may become cold and dirty myself, but I will not take that pill. The pill brings with it unnaturalness. It brings impurity. If I believed in God, I'd say it even brings damnation. No, I don't take pills. I don't need my 'dietary suppliment' I eat very well, thank you. And now, if you don't mind; I'd like to get back to my life. 010306
hsgatincamail see 040409
hsgatincamail newtrition
efficient mc's we're on a mission..

-Granola Funk Express
i wouldnt embarras my self ....................i dont like vitamins very much 040720
newme 10,000 mg of C a day. 040720
newme (10 grams) 040720
monee niacinamide 041231
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