unhinged 'what do i mean by transformative? it starts with a simple premise...nearly all people, whether rich, poor, or middle-class, want to live satisfying, productive lives. clearly, if you are wealthy, it comes more easily...but if you are struggling, it most often comes down to two basic things. first, having a job that pays enough so that you can keep your head financially above water, and that potentially offers a reasonable measure of both security and psychic reward; and second, having a safe and healthy home you can afford in a decent neighborhood.

...transformative strategies, then, are strategies that help the greatest number of people now living in poverty or neighborhood distress get from their present condition to where they can live satisfying, productive lives with a decent standard of living; strategies that help the greatest number of distressed places get to a point where they provide a decent environment for people to live such lives; and strategies that do so in ways that reduce the magnitude of the city's racial, economic, and geographic gaps.' - alan mallach
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