andru235 what are your favorite types of shields?

does brook count? for instance, when armed with a scimitar and a shield, some folks just won't brook aggression. i mean, you can be like, "please, just brook it," but they will be like, "no way, dude. aggression is not something i find brookable."

personally, i adore the canadian_shield. but it is much to large for me to carry.

instead, i prefer to wear a phynaxian_shield. wherever i go, i bring it with me.

i mean, you never know where you might need a shield - at the horseraces, or perhaps, at the grocery store. once i even needed it at a discoteque, although i am using "need" quite loosely.

everyone knows that "a well armored populace is the best defence against tyranny," and so i propose we bring back platemail. plus, platemail is sexy.
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