R_Napalm well isnt this a nice edition to what my loved one raina has showed me. now i must show it back to her......
and its in my colour too?!
pilgrim Red is the colour of My True Love's Eyes
In the Morning
When She Cries
In the Morning
When She Cries
That's the time
That's the time
I feel Regret
pilgrim I went to a funeral the other day,
A neighbor I knew had passed away.
And though I didn't Know Her Well
It made me think
And so I'll tell
About the Twisted Logic used
To fend off loss of those I Love.
My Parents I but rarely See
Though they are Both quite Dear to Me.
But I realised that what I'm doing
Is hiding from their certain Doom.
By living without seeing them
I hope to spare myself The Loss
When Death most certainly
Comes accross
To fulfill the age old promise.
I know
I know that I'm a Fool
But reality
Is so Damn Cruel
k again 010126
j_blue my blue_blather under new was my first blather

it was under an old email address i stopped using, so i lost track of my old blathers

the husband told me about it just now, i wasnt listening to him much, because after he told me the word i was too busy looking at my old blathes

he keeps track of my blathes now, and i try to ignore that fact when i do blathe (we dont usually talk about blather) so we are more honest with each other

he reminded me of an x, its weird how i miss them all, and who i miss more than who
ondele sometimes when people take new words to reveal nothing about anything, i get mad. and i think that i'm being too possessive and precious about it. sigh, you know. control. 010126
god eggnog enema 010130
birdmad and improved 010406
bespeckled You've got me wanting what I didn't expect
You've suddenly appeared as never before,
you've suddenly been brought to my attention.
Never expected, never foreseen, certainly still not accepted.

Certainly, certainly! Not accepted, brain -
not something so unexpected!

Yet - just a little, heart, just a litle each day -
just a tiny bit more accepted.

A new emotion's sprung into my soul-
and I tried not to - but I failed -
and I kept it.

And now these new feelings,
new feelings for you,
only stay, only grow,
won't be bested.

What else is there, what else is
there to do, but to say
"water's warm, and I
might as well test it."
daxle mew 020617
][ nothing is new, everything is old
nothing is old, everything is new
amy in Taurus, darlin'.

the possession of riches is less important than their application.
nom day 040216
anomalous camera 050422
unhinged letting go
makes everything feel like the first time
once again something I could get used to...

but haven't yet.
Risen I am new to Red.

I was only just told about it. I've gone by many names on Blue, but here I want to be something else. Something more me.

So hello all.
raze welcome! 130308
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