new entry poof. there it went. 010228
dean-bean It pales in comparison to the horrors of old age. 010402
moonshine Learning that free spirits are still mortal... 010406
dB My old partner. I see more of him these days. Every time the coughing attacks start, and the black stuff and blood comes up, he is there saying "I'm here for you. Just let go and the pain will stop."
I can't stop. Not yet. There is still so much more.
dB The final countdown. 010407
spinnit Death is only the beginning 010416
lost hopefully it will be a nice sweet ending for me. sometimes i wish sooner than later, and vice versa. 010812
anonymouse a constant beckening, a calling, a choice
led by every headache
every glance at that bottle
so close
too close
bespeckled Death will wash us together,
twists our skeletons tenderly together,
like Esmerelda and Quasimoto.
Why does it seem like only and end can bring about the beginning we are destined for?
Why does it seem impossible?
Black Argonaut the last of the four horseman 030221
hashibosokarasu And i looked and saw a pale rider upon a pale horse, his name was death and hell followed with him 030221
project2501 nothing dies, it is reborn. 030425
Q the terminator of delights and separator of companions 040330
pilgrim I don't want to Die in my sleep.
I wish to savor the Experience,
That Moment of Truth!
The Common Denomonator of all Mortals.
And If Alas!
It is All Just Darkness and Oblivion,
So Be It!
That time Before My Birth Was Also Thus.
C'est La Vie! C'est La Morte!
Just another Sensation
In This Dream We call Life.
crOwl everyone needs to see a corpse before it makes it to the coffin at least once in their life. 040331
Fido Death said to me,
"I'm in that poptart
And that beer
In that decaf mocha
And in that deer.
I'm everything,
Even here.
And I replied, undismayed,
"That obvious. You stole my creme brulet."
lotuseater bye kitty 040331
raze i think what frightens me about death is not so much the process itself, but what comes after. not knowing where i would go, or if there even really is anywhere to go at all. some people are comforted by the idea of a great big black nothing that follows death, with no awareness that you ever were. that scares the hell out of me. if this is all we have, i need to find a way to manipulate time and slow it to a crawl, so i can wring every last bit of life out of life.

maybe what i'm really afraid of is not having enough time. the slow death of possibility.
nr i was in this jazz group for a couple of months this fall, and left the group at the end of december when i left the country again. i found out via a facebook post from one of the guitarists' (who left around the same time i did) girlfriend that he passed away two days ago. i don't know what happened yet, but what the fuck.
not a great start, 2016.
epitome of incomprehensibility NR, I'm sorry to hear that.

Yesterday I was thinking about my old teacher who was also my high school principal (of the bizarre little Christian school, not the downtown artsy one) and then I realized with a shock that she was dead. My mind as well as my (metaphorical) heart doesn't want her to be dead, because she's still very alive, good at math, and frustratingly fundamentalist in my memories. She died three years ago of cancer just after she retired.
nr thanks, e_o_i. it turns out he died of a brain aneurysm. it's just so beyond understanding to have someone around one day and have them be gone the next. 160105
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