yesh I realized my thumb was bleeding, and looked down to see blood on the keyboard.

I carefully wiped it off.

But if I hadn't noticed, and someone had sat down after me, would they have thought about AIDS?
moonshine yes 011204
silentbob Do you think those emails you get are true? the ones that say someone sat ina movie theater ona needle that said Welcome to the world of aids and they checked it out and they had aids.

i wonder about those.
nocturnal don't sweat it, bobby. they're all just stupid urban legends...I hope. 011205
spoons "why the long hair?"
well atleast i know i cant outrun a dog
BUT i can outrun a dog dragging behind his dog house...
guitar_freak yesterday was world aids day. i got a free condom!! wrap it up people 031203
birdmad coming of age in the age of aids,

i remember more than a few parties that were nothing more than preludes to drug fueled orgies where, at the beginning of the big push toward Safe Sex, instead of snacks or pretzels or some other such shit, there would be a big bowl of condoms

but even then there were loose cannons in the crowd, and by the time the party crowd drifted apart and went their own ways into "responsible adulthood" a handful of people i knew had were diagnosed HIV positive.

a few of that few died of AIDS related complications, one chose to kill himself the day his test results came back, and, last i heard, the others were doing relatively well.

It's why i smoked most of my heroin and never shot junk without a virgin needle back in the junkie days, it's why, at the height of my debauchery, i spent more on condoms than on any of my drugs (also because i was freqeuntly paid in nominal amounts of substances for various errands and services)

How i got through it mostly unscathed remains a mystery to me sometimes.

I submited to a test when my unchecked diabetes put me in the hospital during the summer of last year, and though it's been ages since i've been at risk or even had the opportunity to be at risk of exposure, i was still holding my breath unitl i got the word back that the tests came back clean

It's funny how little we really hear about AIDS anymore, we take it for granted, but i remember being just old enough to have been around through the first waves of paranoia and fear when it was the monster that lurked in the back of public consciousness.

It's nice to know more and know better, but it's still an incurable disease, and the first vaccine trials just recently failed.

Monday, i took all of the little decorations and drawings off of my cubicle and computer just for the day, as World AIDS Day is also marked in some places as "A day without Art" Some of the museums that observe or used to observe the commemoration would drape black sheets over their artworks and contribute the day's proceeds to local/regional AIDS benefit organizations

it felt like the right thing to do.
endless desire there are some thing i never want to worry about
there are some things im glad i dont have to worry about

no sex
no drugs

there are benefits to being innocent.
mon uow 050306
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