inter Very rough and so. Cool to mountainbike on rocky mountains, you know. And climb a rocky hill. Or mountain, again. 020403
freakizh a blond frankenstein like creature that wears gold hotpants.

see rhps or rocky_horror_picture_show.
delial where's bullwinkle?! 030709
blooga either a friendly, anthropomorphic moose

or a somewhat scary, vivacious horror-crossdresser from the seventies

whichever floats yer boat, ther
blooga whoopsies, I meant a friendly, anthropomorphic squirrel 031116
x raccoon stepped into his room, only to find gideon's bible 031117
ivan drago if apollo dies, apollo dies. 031117
silentbob punk rocky 031118
jennifer "lie down with dogs
you end up with fleas;
lie down with whores
you get a disease"

at least,
that's what he should have said
what's it to you?
who go