miniver We have been a forest, and a leaf;
the blackest soil in a rain;
wet moss growing north; the clay,
the clay, the clay of gray;
the centipede and his toes.
freakizh kate is good. 020201
daroma goes greenly towards me and my eyes, 031117
andru235 if i were buried in a forest, no coffin, as i would like to be,

i would be totally posthumously flattered if years later moss grew in that very spot.
jordie it grew by the creek in thick bevies of emerald green.
velvet clumps of the finest thread.
I wove a dress from its roots.
thieums What is the sound of a tree falling alone in the moss? 090730
alfia wedded to wet and softer than rain
sweet, silken green pillows
for stones and roots and the trunks of trees

so bright and green in the darkest nooks
shining shy, lush carpets by the brook

i love you
i love you
i love you
what's it to you?
who go