ever dumbening Sulfur burps from giardia.
Watching a dog leap from a temple wall, breaking its back.
Otherworldly droning chanting man in the jokhong temple.
The daily juniper/sage smokepot carried in front of our door each morning to temporarily scare the dozens of flies flying geometrically.
Buying neon-blue nylon shoelaces along the barkhor for my brown timberlands; they're on my feet tonight, four years later; people always laugh at them, but I know better.
From drepung, watching a storm well in the valley, then being invited into the bowels to escape the rain--warm, dark, fragrant.
There is no other city with richer smiles, smiles that chew on your core.
A dead bloated yak in the yarlong.
Returning to beijing, sad, broken.
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