pSyche "I am not afraid
I am not alone
I am not unhappy"
I say this to myself
Pounding it into my brain
Maybe if I say it enough,
it will be true.

I am tired of life.
I am tired of living
up to everyone elses' standards.
And every day feels
more lonely
more cold
and more heart wrenchingly horrible
than the one before.

I am not going to cry.
Not today.
oneiros what you think i am... (unless your talented and have been calibrated) 041214
oE damn pSyche - feel better 041215
() (i isn't) 041216
monee i_ain't 041216
pSyche thanks oE, I will. Hehe, I am not really as depressed as I sound.

well... at least I don't THINK so.
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