Perhaps with a smell pertaining to something of the ocean. Or perhaps with something not quite in line about it.
argo We all like the fisherman
Unintentionally tough: red sea-wind
burnt cheeks on jauty cheekbones hauling up catch. A perfect storm of dirty yellow rubber boots, and their salty limited vocabulary keeps them
on boats and away from our universities.
So why are hunters fat clumsy-drunk doofs? Maybe it's the NRA.
Shugarhi I was at the beach yesterday. It was a fishy place considering all the people there were fishing and stuff. 010521
Inanna A chipmunk is not a fishy, but my former neighbor, an exterminator, put them in his tank filled with pirahnas. 011005
me &hearts I like fish 030515
me ♥ i like fish 030515
u24 FISHY, a poem.

fishy fish fish fish.
swimy swim swim
jump jump fish swim
swim fish. fish.
Borealis FEESH!! 040707
squishyfish squishyfish 120302
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