psychobabe its a feeling unlike no other, its boundries are endless, and i love it! its feeling like everything is happy, and the whole room is moving in one single way, you must try it, for it is great 010414
bicentennial barfbag Paul sexy dexy
5th grade
get your glasses
and get on your bike
psychobabe dextromanthorphinehydrobromide

the legal term
Teenage Jesus Is that an over-the-counter thing? 011009
psychobabe well its not a regular drug like all that messed up shit, its in a kold pill like most things are. But you can get it from the pharmacie 011009
Teenage Jesus Brand name? What name is it sold under? 011009
spacemanwithadeadbrain Robitussin Extra Strength Cough Syrup! The clocks live by its name. Not Cough & Cold. 050608
what's it to you?
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