insolence No matter what anybody says, theres no getting around it...Everything negative stems from sex, as does everything we thrive on...I don't think that's a coincidence... 000619
genyus01 knowledge 010104
Mushroomman Lust, A second Nature,
Desire the flesh
Pummel your senses
Feed your body what it desires,
I desire the flesh of my lover,
Become one with your lover,
make them a part of you
Make yourself a part of them

The lust of the flesh and the heat.

What do you Desire?
What is her name..

Naughty ...
sabbie big top, horses, fairy floss all shades of the rainbow and that sawdust smell...

oh. caRnal.
AzAber But really, it's just "Of the flesh". The spanish for "Butcher" is "Carne". Must all qualified butchers have carnal knowledge? 020916
information carne=meat 020916
what's it to you?
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