unhinged i think i love norm

like i love my little brother

because he seems a lot like my little brother

cool, pothead, but still little
white_wave i think i've got some bratty_little_brothers here... 040302
Reality Check Norm is a psychopathic, narcassictic, egomaiac with tendancies of bipolar disorder, nestled close to multiple personality disorder. Yes, he would be a prime candidate to have for a little brother, the one capable of slicing someone open just to see what would happen. Yeah, bravo for you. 040302
Lemon_Soda I gotsa oldah bladah sistah and I lurves me mah oldah bladah sistah! 040302
Scared now Reality Check needs a reality check.
He is an annoying arrogant shit.
misstree *pounces and nuzzles the widdle bruddah*
i lurve me some liddle bruddah right back!
and am happy that he sends me his lurve. :)
/end sappiness.
three words blather_little_brother mudd their_parents 091003
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