Strideo came in together and they made themselves full_of pepsi and they discussed blatherers_to_avoid and it was good.

and after they had talked and they had eaten the chocolate_covered_dinky_doo and everyone was satified, LO! there came the office_monkey to lead them and it was also good.

but the office_monkey brought sad news, but the news was not too sad to be herd, but it was sad none the less, but not too sad, but still sad enough to bring sorrow.

and so the blessed monkey spoketh the news and everyone was saddened, for the news that the monkey hath spoketh was sad, for that was the nature of the news that the monkey had spoketh.

and so said the monkey "everything_is_falling_apart" and everyone was made to be full_of sorrow and they did not feel the joy that they then buried_in_the_depths of their hearts and so they had learned how sad was the news that the office_monkey had brought, for the nature of the new was sad for it was sorrowful news.

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