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kingsuperspecial whitman was a tree hugging, hippie freak.

that's fine, just thought I'd point it out. if he's got a barbaric yawp, he can't be all that bad.
: yawp

yawp [ yawp ] or yaup [ yawp ]
intransitive verb (past yawped, past participle yawped, present participle yawp·ing, 3rd person present singular yawps) (past yauped, past participle yauped, present participle yaup·ing, 3rd person present singular yaups)

1. talk coarsely: to talk or complain loudly, coarsely, and sometimes meaninglessly

2. utter a yelp: to utter a sharp loud yelp

noun (plural yawps) (plural yaups)

1. yelp: a sharp, loud yelp

2. coarse talk: loud, coarse, and sometimes meaningless talk

[14th century. Origin uncertain: perhaps related to yelp.]

yawp·er noun
another dictionary Main Entry: 1yawp
Variant(s): or yaup /'yop/
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: Middle English yolpen
Date: 14th century
1 : to make a raucous noise : SQUAWK
- yawp·er noun
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girl_jane Yes...Dead Poets Society...I should watch that again soon. 030619
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