silentbob and when its over i'll consider this mess time well spent and i'll sigh alone in my room with my stereo blazing with songs i made in commemoration of you and i'll swear the next time i see you i'll tell you if i can get used to your face you can get used ot mine becasue after you look at me its like the ground: still warm even after the suns long gone. 020803
lotuseater so much time to think... i sat in the park all day today

i miss you so much.. it feels so strange and empty without you.

i want you to be mine forever
bandersnatch i miss the days when i was able to just walk around my neighborhood and just think about everything.

but now that i spend all my time on a computer, i find it difficult to even make one lap before getting bored because nothing is moving fast, and there are no explosions.

how pathetic
tessa I have not spent as much time thinking, or as much time laughing, as I would have liked. 040606
flux sometimes, i see far too much thinking for the talking that is done (but other times it is all the same too little). and far too little action for all the talk. but laughing, of that it's difficult to have too much. 040606
guitar_freak I was talking over coffee to a friend of mine this evening, when I said that I felt I was wasting my college years by not drinking. He replied that heaven and hell are neither above nor below, but right here on earth in every moment. How we choose to perceive each moment determines whether we are in heaven or hell. The first thing that came to mind was complete awe that those words came out of the mouth of a Christian. After that initial shock I've been thinking about what he said. The connection of our perception and spiritual state is instantaneous and intertwined. I understand my life through disillusionment and cynicism. If I altered those filters, I could transform my reality from hell to heaven. An interesting thought. 050108
nom thinking
back to spring

him arriving
home from chicago

being yelled at
for cleaning,
for moving some of his things

"i didn't come here to be yelled at"

not saying anything
just leaving the house

and another day
being told to fuck off
he was hanging the pantry door

"i was just trying to help"

thinking why
did he think it was ok
to yell at me like my brother
nom thinking i am thinking too_much but thinking i can think my way out of my feeling and thinking 070327
anouk I need to do some thinking
Some taking stock and reflecting
Some giving thanks
and planning

I need to work out what's happened, what's happening, what I'd like to see happen.

I need to do some talking to myself, with myself. Some navel gazing. Some quiet time.

All the people, all the places, all the words. They need to be filed and ordered. Narrativised.

Dreams do their best, but sometimes one needs some catch up time.
what's it to you?
who go