inconnue i remember
seeing the stars
growing in the sky
i must've been
six years old
lying in
the cool grass
the front door
of my big home

watching the sunlight fade away
into the darkness of late evening

my little brother
asked me about them
"what are they" he inquired
and "how did they get into the sky?"

i explained to him
"those are our ancestors.
that is where we go when we die."

and "the ones that disappear," i said
"the ones that you can't find,
are the ones
that have been lost forever.
they are our forgotten stars."

and when i closed my eyes
i could imagine
shooting up
into the eternal sky
becoming one piece
among millions of others

fitting into this puzzle of a stars

that is where we go when we die

i thought
someday a child
will see me and wonder
how i got to be so bright
sparkling high above
the green grass
the ocean and the talking trees
but someday
they might forget me
and i'll disappear forever

but i told him not
my brother
i told him not
of my fear

i worried
"what if there were no people
in the future?"
i pondered
"would all the stars vanish,
as though banished from the nightlife
because of a lack of eyes?"

and whenever after i'd hear
about trees falling in forests
i'd think about the stars
inconnue fitting into this puzzle of stars 040306
inconnue wrote this too quickly 040306
silentbob hearts 040307
nom diamonds 040309
shilohlives I picked out youre star,
Turned night to day
A simple wisper from youre voice,
Amd I fade away...
shilohlives I picked out your star,
Turned night to day
A simple wisper from your voice,
And I fade away...
Syrope you hold eye contact just a little too long. i pretended i was looking at the stars.

and the comment about female flirtation meaning everything and nothing at once

and telling me about all these horrible dates you've been on. you were so happy to finally just be having conversation instead of being dragged around or stuffed into smoky corners. conversation with me.

i know i wouldn't be good for you
i just want to be able to say i had you

how am i supposed to know?
belly fire There were stars above us, yes;
Calling our names.
When we dined,
When we loved,
When we deigned say forever for the very last time,
Oh my, yes, there were stars.
claudiu stars are night that is not dark
denial of darkness in the deepness of night
brightness in the inner side of our souls, after all sins and fears, and unfulfilled desires are left alone

inconnue, those words touched me
nom inconnue thankyou claudiu. 061224
nom personally i wood burn my words if i could 061224
nom or at least rewrite 061224
claudiu inconnue : the unknown girl, in french, as the stars, les etoiles. Which one is more magical, dream, rever?

Christmas already, our hearts go farther from ourselves, on the journey beyond our ordinary to our truth

if you wish, write me
PeeT we are all stars colliding, bright flashes of momentary light, illuminating the surrounding darkness and then settling down again to pinholes once more. 120407
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