mon i have one pair of cowhide hiking boots
they are my garden diggers
my walking shoes

other than those fine creatures...

i have one pair of black and white shoes
they are my going out shoes
my town shoes

they are funny looking, velvety soft
big chunky dirty white rubber heels

i just checked the tag
i think i knew before for a while
but i forgot until now
it says sam&libby
inside it says leather upper
made in china

i don't know who sam or libby might be
but those are two names i usually like

these shoes were terribly uncomfortable when i bought them
for a cupla dollars at the sally ann...
i don't quite remember when that was
at least a few years ago i guess

besides my boots and shoes
i have a pair of slippers i like
they are fairly simple
no label
they have swirly white cat designs
black leather bottoms and
green cottonish cloth tops

i have some other shoes as well
old ones i no longer wear
some that i never really wore
some given to me
others bought

most summers i buy
a new pair
of $10.00 sandals

i'd like to make some wooden clogs

i have a pair of blue rollerskates
mon i think my slippers are asian
i seem to recall buying them at a thrift store, and being surprised that they were brand new, wrapped in plastic.
mon think i trailed off a bit
with what i was trying to say

"...these shoes were terribly uncomfortable when i bought them..."

(continuing) i bought some cheap insoles, which helped a lot, but they covered up the name....and so i forgot.
mon oh, i can't forget my snow boots
they're an old pair also
my younger brother discarded them
fairly unmentionable really
just yer average pair of cheap boots
mon they're actually too big for me
but i wear really thick double socks
mon what i've always wanted to get
is some real olde fashioned snowshoes
they look like a lot of fun

has a pair of swimming shoes
cr0wl these...they be soundin' like some of my_favorite_shoes, y'all. 100113
mindpop Many stroke victims purchase two identical pairs of shoes in different sizes. This is so they will fit their good foot into a normal shoe, and their cloddy ankle brace foot into a shoe 2 sizes bigger. Me, I just walked around in a single pair of huge shoes. 121005
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