amy uhh...yeah. 990214
Rainer ask and I will respond. call me and I will listen to you. do something and I will react.
I know how much it hurts if people ignore you.
megan this whole site is one of response
and look how great it has become
laomedia information filtered through the body send responses directly or secondly through the mind and exude the disorder of personality 000909
distorted tendencies active::response 010823
User24 diverse;

targetted, desired, meaningless, unrelated, unwanted, enjoyed, dull, erroneous, inducing, mistaken, informing, required, shared, ignored, expressive, anonymous, introspective, insulting, affirming, rambling, interesting.
f is this a good website to launch a book? 160801
flowerock. Maybe a good place to get feed back on a book... but it wouldn't get much publicity here. 160802
what's it to you?
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