typhoid the feather in the heather 000222
meggie i write my name with a feather, is that so wrong? 000304
devalis a classy alternative to the evil of ball-points. 020807
User24 we made a quill pen from a pigeon's feather a few weeks ago, it worked, too, which was more amzanig. 031030
falling_alone id like to write with one on some parchment now... 031206
Mandijabster i have one somewhere in my bedroom. all i need is some ink and im good to go... 031206
Deomis She stabbed him with a quill pen,
Then signed her name in flowing letters with the red ink upon it.
hetaira on hands and knees
i offer you
the small of my back,
an erotic table.
what's it to you?
who go