Sam Vaknin The Second Law of Thermodynamics predicts the gradual energetic decay of physical closed systems ("Entropy").

The Universe is a dichotomous system, where Order is fighting Disorder for dominance.

Some physical systems increase disorder, either by decaying or by actively disordering other systems ("Entropic Agents").

Other physical systems increase order or decrease disorder either in themselves or in their environment ("Negentropic Agents").

Human Beings are Negentropic Agents gone awry. Now, through their excesses, they are slowly being transformed into Entropic Agents.

Antibiotics, herbicides, insecticides, pollution, deforestation and all other anti-environment behaviours, reduce the amount of order.

Nature must balance this shift of allegiance, this deviation from equilibrium, by reducing the number of other Entropic Agents or by reducing the numbers of humans.

Humans, therefore, begin to internalize and assimilate the Entropy that they themselves bring about. This is done through a series of intricate and intertwined mechanisms:

The Malthusian Mechanism limited resources lead to wars, famine, diseases and to a decrease in the populace (=in the number of Entropic Agents).

The Assimilative Mechanism diseases and demographically negative phenomena directly related to the entropic actions of humans.

Examples: antibiotics lead to drug-resistant strains of pathogens, cancer is caused by inhaled or rubbed pollution, AIDS and other diseases are a result of hitherto unknown viruses.

The Cognitive Mechanism Humans limit their own propagation, using "rational", cognitive arguments: abortion, birth control, the pill.
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