silentbob The long laborious avenue that cuts through much of Chicago's north_side. It touches Logan_Square, Lincoln_Park, lakeview, lakeshoredrive. It connects neighborhoods and avenues, bringing together strangers and friends. Find the interstate this way, I-94, 90. Find thirty dunkin_donuts, innumerable 7-11's, find Chicago's DePaul campus. Touch the blue_line at California and the Red_line near Halsted, by Sheffield. Kiss me once, Fullerton, on the forehead to let me know that you're for real. Swaddle me in your chest and hum me to sleep. Endear me to you. Dream of you. Forgive you for your potholes and construction, your slowdrives and your blight. I am the embrace at the end of the line. 140115
unhinged i was the embrace at the end of his line. he said 'i dont want to touch you' 140115
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