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* M_Theory on Dualism

M Dualism: Every Entity in the Universe(s) comprises both Body(Matter) and Mind (M Matter).

Examples of Entity: A mote of Dust, a droplet of Water, a spark of Fire, a gust of Wind,..., a Particle, String, Star, Planet, Machine, Human,, ..., specifically, a Blather...

What constitued the Mind (M Matter) of a machine, specifically your Blather?

Reference: Towards a World of Robots


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reitoei everything is duality. mind and matter are not one but not two. particles and waves. life and death. there are always two sides to everything. doublespeak 020227
kx21 The Mind of Nothing... 020322
cnxn There is, and there isn't
There is light and there is darkness
There is nothing and there is something
Where there is one, there is always the other
Where there is, somewhere there isn't
adam i was a dualist once 040721
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