Special Giraffe from Delphi In Charge staffed largely by porch_foot_lepers, curb_gnats and even a few common yoks

the scahu planning commission even gave them special dispensation to make extensive use of the left_handed_pancreas
paste! the scahu planning commission is now up for re-election. dunno about you, but my votes are going straight towards lumpe for executive valium_raffler and Wildow (sp) for chief of quasi-oval-slightlyblue-trenchdip production from the oval ocean sector. and what i mean by "votes are going straight towards" is that the votes will be conical in form and projectilish in agenda so the canidates best duck when the votes are cast. after the election ceremonies, there will be a fire show with many burning things including the Infamous Regenerating Flammable Asshat--Mysterious, Of Forgotten Origin (Irfamofo, to local scahuans). the canidates' best duck award will also be presented. bring your own boap_sorboda. hieroglyphic_taco! stems! 020613
IKC 56-80 umm, ok.

crazy and surreal, but i like it.
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