moonshine Live not like that of the last, but of the awe of the first. 010308
soia "to the wounded:
i have seen
the self image that they've forced to reduce to shattered glass,
the only remaining value lying in it's jagged edges.
but the few who warrant waking for await their recognition.
no fear of death but with fear of life, your weakness kills everyone.
So live!"
-AFI, the band I will not see tomorrow night
arinna i live in a world of the self-aware hip.
of towering cutouts of guys who slouch through their cigarettes and vodkas with dark shades covering piercing eyes in paler than death skin, bleach blonde anti-popstars who strike me as popstars none the less.
of dreadlocked fire twirlers who dance in flowing skirts in gardens filled with sparkling rocks and read their new age poetry to floating-away-on-fumes ears.
of cynics and idealists soaked in irony who glance over their wire glasses with an arched eyebrow and you can feel the philosophy buzzing in their minds.
Mandy Don't wake up one day wishing you tried .... 031124
lotuseater try it, you might like it.
expand your mind!
user24 sitting in front of a mirror.

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mangrove i find that somewhat disturbing. 040826
user24 thankyou. 040901
mangrove you're welcome. 040901
mangrove but i must admit it's likely more accurate than anyone would like to admit. just look at all the reality tv shows and the live webcams and such. 040901
aM i DiStUrBeD? A word with two meanings.
A double edged sword
The two sided new leaf that you have
just turned over today.

To be alive is to live,
But is there more to living?
Rather than just being alive?
Just being.

Can i live my life
with all my options open?
Like a book that has been read
but not judged.

Do i just exist?
In your memory, locked up far away.
Am i allowed to become more
than just a passing thought,
whispered on the wind?

So if living is more than just being,
how do you know where to cross the line?
Is this all just presumptuous?
Or is there more to my life?
shower singer live music

-take it either way
what's it to you?
who go