emily i dont knoe what this means.. i just made it up! 040203
p2 sticky stuff
you pick outta yer butt
like a booger
but made of poo
Shit Cowboy quit stickin yer fingers in yer butt. 040203
pooger_picker one time, i picked out the biggest pooger you've ever seen! 040204
lucy pooger is a term which can be used in many situtations. to us, ther is no set definition as such. some examples:
* pooger off (go away)
~ you pooger (a way to call someone a nasty name)
* pooger (a general curse like bugger s**t or f**k
* 11 pooger and 1/3 (a measurement, a pooger is 3cm)
~ any other way in which you want to use it....our motto is...when all else fails, say POOGER

submitted by olivia and lucy (the poogers)
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