x how i long for your burritos
arroz, refrito, picante
i knew what you would ask
and i gave up speaking in english
after a brief quizzical look,
it's faster in nuestro language
aqua fresca sandia o limon
or maybe a pacifico, negra modelo
warm chips need salsa oaxaca
pick up some green for my sven
bandoleros panhandling ignored

birdmad rusty iron spurs that hang in my garage, not the flashy rotary rowels but silent, fixed,

...and somewhere in the hands of one of my older cousins a museum piece of a revolver

different parts of my grandparents' families were on different sides of that story, but i've already lost who could tell me which and when

feeling like a lesser scrawling of Garcia Marquez

(am i tied to the tree or being eaten by ants, or am i somewhere in between)

what's it to you?
who go