Midori The shoe must be a fitting shoe that comes in several widths and proper depth.

The shoe must have a removable sock liner or insole.

Uppers should be made of breathable materials, which can be modifiable.

The shoes will have a heel counter, with a form of closure(laces, velcro).

Width and shape of the outer sole able to accommodate all modifications.

Footwear must have a form of stability through the longitudinal arch area(firm midsole or motion control feature).
flip-flop i don't qualify, then 020401
joff was it not the father who introduced us to comfort within him? 030409
cpgurrl i'll stick 2 the good ol' afo 040905
shower singer i hate shoes
i HATE them

as a baby i always kicked them off
i've seen no reason to change since

if i can't get in there in runners, i don't want to go in there anyway.
what's it to you?
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