Q Astonishingly, only a small percentage of people know that the vast majority of the molecules of gas in the Earth's atmosphere, about 79 %, are nitrogen (actually two atoms of nitrogen bonded into a nitrogen molecule). Only about 20 % are oxygen (actually two atoms of oxygen bonded into an oxygen molecule).
That is close to the ratio of people to Republicans!

But now, thanks to your devotion to blather, even if mostly just as a lurker, lucky you are part of that sophisticated minority knowledgeable about what we really breathe, if you weren't before now.

Congratulations, and now suck that nitrogen in like there's no tomorrow!
typhoid 1) what people?
2) ok, i have to admit i thought it was 78% N2 ;)
ofsuch hhmm its my understanding that it is 76%

oh well. nitrous oxide is better for you anyways. :D
what's it to you?
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