Mc. Blah with fries Turning on the light will make you see... See the things that were in the dark... The things in the dark were in the dark for a reason... They have no reason to be in the dark anymore now that it's light... what have done? you destroyed their reality... taken away their reason for being, To be in the dark... do you still want to turn on the light? 000413
Philifledermaus "We are the knights who say...."


Ni! Ni!

(Old woman cowers.)

Or so I have heard in stories :)
grendel "And if you do not bring us a shrubbery...

we will say NI! again..."
datura we are no longer the knights who say ni.
we are now the nights who say ecky ecky ecky pi'kang zoop boing! ni!
terry gilliam you must chop down the mightiest tree in the forest... with a herring! 001202
no ecki ecki ecki ecki ZOOBOING zmmmagmabmbawoba 020112
cole ni tu
ni yo
ni aqui
ni conmigo
ni alla
por aca
ni en mi
el amor sera
niki ki 020113
phil drawtuo 020114
kelli crane ni do! 020114
kim monty python knight 020114
the knights who say ni! ni! 030913
what's it to you?
who go