Erik What, where, Why,, It's just me. Toes dangle in stinking water while the sun burns out my eyes in strobe style through leather holes in mine sky. A pressure builds even now at the base of my skull....ahhh I know you, In a flash the open and close of switches in NO particular order is somehow soothing. thanx to you...thanx to you...thanx 010221
bill bixby no sweat 011104
dead bird on a slab from Biological Evidence part I:

"In cases where fly larvae [maggots] are discovered in situ, a fairly accurate estimatge of time of death can be made can be made by measurement of the larvae with the baseline measure being that each millimeter of body length accounts for one day, thus a maggot measuring 4mm would denote that the subject had been dead fopr roughly four days (climate conditions notwithstanding)"
acidshank like you. just like you. 041125
acidshank ps.hitler called the jews parasites 041127
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style a {color:#9f9fff ;} /style fix 041129
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