me? Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by a great bear. The peasants
were not very rich, and one of the few ways to become at all wealthy was
to become a Royal Knight. This required an interview with the bear. If
the bear liked you, you were knighted on the spot. If not, the bear would
just as likely remove your head with one swat of a paw. However, the family
of these unfortunate would-be knights was compensated with a beautiful
sheepdog from the royal kennels, which was itself a fairly valuable
possession. And the moral of the story is:

The mourning after a terrible knight, nothing beats the dog of the bear that
hit you.
amy Tom's Fennel Toothpaste is not that great. gingermint tastes like Chinese food. if you want my advice, stick with spearmint or peppermint. 000206
Jen peppermint. Spearmint lacks in the zingy stakes, one finds. 040917
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