mon it is a struggle to be
and impossible to not be

the expectations of outcomes

our anticipation of fulfilling determined measures of growth

how we live is our design
a dreamy rain mapped out by the swirling foam of time

boldly we step out upon this sea
to live
to be born
to die

wondrous fire
ashmanzhou doth we wait?
must we suffer this purying hate?
why doth we seest this world?
is it not enough that thou are without
or will thou be like some beast?
thou mayst laugh and sneer at this world
thou mayst even hate it
but thou hath a mind and soul
to buck the girdle and chain of the past
and live away from this hell thou art in
thou doth dreamst more than is healthful
but thou art full of choler for this world
act now
and breakst thou circle of confinement
what's it to you?
who go